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About Us

Few words about ISRF

The Industrial Science Research Foundation is a NGO registered under Govt of india, committed to inspiring, supporting, training and preparing the next generation of Professionals & Entrepreneurs by inculcating the culture of Total quality management (TQM). Our Landscape begins from the inspiration acquired, by identifying the radical change management adopted by few East Asian countries, to become largest national economies in the world. Key to this was the dismissal of the old management and their systems, replacing them with new management practices like Total Quality Management, Lean, Five S etc. This insight then leads us to explore the possible implications of these trends on needy citizens in every region of the Country and prepare them to achieve Total quality in all their current practices, thereby enhancing their economic condition and to effect sustainable growth of Indian economy.

Vision is "To create the globally competitive entrepreneurs & work force by providing every needy citizen, a chance for higher education"

Mission is "We promote equality of opportunity and seek to foster the culture of entrepreneurship, productivity & excellence among the needy citizens of the country"